Plan a solid future while creating a plan to enjoy it.

Advice and planning

No matter where you’re at in life, having the right financial information and support can help you meet your personal goals and improve your quality of life.

Maybe you want to find ways to achieve a dream. Maybe you need professional financial advice to help you prepare for a big moment in life—starting college, buying a home, retiring, or leaving a legacy for the people and issues you care about. Or maybe you need some advice about the basics like opening an account, learning how to budget, and improving your credit.

Your finances should support your needs and goals. We have the tools to help you put your money to good to benefit you, your family and your community.

The Good Money™ Plan

The Good Money Plan pairs you with an account manager who offers step-by-step help with the financial aspects of achieving your dream—big or small.

Everyday banking

Everyday banking activities like choosing the right account, creating a budget and earning interest can help you grow your wealth and reach your financial goals.

Financial planning

Financial planning helps you prepare for the big moments in life. Find out how Vancity can help you save for a home, send your kids to college, retire comfortably and more.

Seminars and workshops

We run financial seminars and workshops at our branches and in the community on a range of topics.