All loan and line of credit rates

Loan and line of credit rates.

Rates are subject to change without notice. For more information about Vancity’s interest rates, please call our Member Services Centre at 604-877-7000 or toll-free at 1-888-826-2489.

All Canadian currency accounts are accessible by ATM, Online Banking, Phone Banking and in-branch.

Line of credit rates.

Rates (APR) as of 2002-01-05
Chequing Account Overdraft 21.00%
Personaline (max. $5,000) 17.75%
Creditline (over $5,000) Vancity Prime¤ + Increment

Vancity Fair & Fast Loan™.

Rates (APR) as of 2007-07-11
Vancity Fair & Fast Loan 19%

Other loans.

Rate Description
Small and Short Term Loans Demand loans with a cost of borrowing of less than $45.00 at the time of loan set-up will be charged an interest rate of 17.90%.
Fixed Rate 13.45% + Increment
Variable Rate Vancity Prime¤ + Increment
Creditline Vancity Prime¤ + Increment
RRSP and Term Loans Vancity Prime¤ + 0.70% for the purchase of registered or non-registered term deposits of 1 year term or longer (max - 12 monthly payments).

Vancity Prime.

The Vancity Prime Rate represents a variable rate of interest announced by Vancity from time to time as its Prime Lending Rate. Rate subject to change without notice.

Rates as of 2024-06-06
Vancity Prime Rate (variable) 6.95%