Ways to pay bills.

Benefits of recurring bill payments.

Easy and convenient

On time, every time. Set it up once and automatically pay recurring bills like internet, insurance, utilities, memberships, and subscriptions.

Earn rewards

Get to your dream vacation faster. With our rewards credit cards, you'll earn points every time your bills are paid. Redeem points for cash back, gift cards, travel, and charitable donations.

How to set up recurring bill payments from your credit card.


Contact your service provider

Access your account with your provider either online, or by calling them directly.


Set up recurring bill payments

If you’re accessing your account online, you can usually find the place to do this under menu items like “billing”, “account settings” or similar.

Security tip: You’ll be sharing your credit card information so remember to double check that you are on the official website of your provider. More security tips


You’re good to go

Hooray! Now that you’re all set up, your bills will be automatically paid on their due date.


How do I modify or cancel a recurring bill payment?

Contact your service provider directly to modify or cancel recurring bill payments.

How do I dispute a recurring bill payment?

Contact your service provider directly first. If your service provider is unable to assist, call Card Services at 604-877-4999 or 1-800-611-VISA (8472) to initiate a dispute process. Please be aware that disputes need to be submitted 90 days from the transaction date and documentation may be required to show attempts were made to resolve the issue with the service provider.