Ways to transfer funds.

Wire transfers

Wire money in Canada and internationally.

Need to send a large sum internationally? Planning to receive money locally? We’ve got you covered.

It’s convenient.

You can set up an outgoing wire transfer by visiting any Vancity branch.

It’s quick.

Funds typically arrive at their destination within 3 to 5 business days.

It’s versatile.

Choose from a range of foreign currencies that your wire can be sent in.

What you’ll need.

Before you visit a branch to make your wire transfer, please review the following forms to make sure you’re prepared with all required info:

Domestic (within Canada) outgoing wire request

International outgoing wire request

Wire Transfer Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that the recipient’s financial institution can receive funds in the currency you wish to send.

If you’re sending Canadian dollars within Canada, the wire fee is $20. For funds going outside of Canada, the wire fee is $35.

Additional fees may apply if an intermediary financial institution is required to relay the transfer funds to its final destination. You can minimize any currency exchange costs by sending the funds in the currency of the recipient's financial institution.

Where it’s going.

Your wire can be sent in:

  • Canadian dollars - CAD
  • United States dollars - USD
  • Australian dollars- AUD
  • Danish krone - DKK
  • Euro - EUR
  • Great British pound - GBP
  • Hong Kong dollars - HKD
  • Indian rupee - INR
  • Japanese yen - JPY
  • Mexican peso - MXN
  • New Zealand dollars - NZD
  • Norwegian krone - NOK
  • Singapore dollars - SGD
  • South African rand - ZAR
  • Swedish krona - SEK
  • Swiss francs - CHF

What you’ll need.

If you’re mailing or faxing revised “Wire Payment Instructions” to your Sender(s), we recommend enclosing this cover letter.

Instructions forms.

Each currency has different wire transfer instructions. Check out the links below for specific instructions that apply to the currency of your wire transfer.

  • Australian dollars [AUD]
  • Canadian dollars [CAD]
  • Danish krone [DKK]
  • Euro [EUR]
  • Great British pound [GBP]
  • Hong Kong dollars [HKD]
  • Japanese yen [JPY]
  • Mexican peso [MXN]
  • New Zealand dollars [NZD]
  • Norwegian krone [NOK]
  • Singapore dollars [SGD]
  • South African rand [ZAR]
  • Swedish krone [SEK]
  • Swiss francs [CHF]
  • United States dollars [USD]

How much it costs.

Vancity charges a $10 USD service fee for processing USD incoming wire transfers or $10 CAD for incoming wire transfers in any other currency.

Incomplete wire instructions may result in funds being returned to the sending financial institution. The sending institution and intermediary financial institution may deduct service charges prior to the wire arriving at Vancity. We have no control over the imposition of these fees and are not advised of these fees in advance of the funds being sent.

For assistance with incoming wire transfer instructions, please contact the Member Services Centre using the phone numbers listed below.

Ready? Let’s go.


Set up an outgoing wire transfer at any branch. Before you visit, make sure you have all the information you'll need to complete the transfer.

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If you're not able to visit a branch, call us at 604-877-7000 or toll free at 1-888-Vancity (826-2489) to make alternative arrangements.