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Up to 65% of your new home’s value¹

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Want to live in a co-op home? Our co-op home loan is one of the few options out there designed to help you purchase shares² to your new home in a co-operative housing community.

Why get a co-op home loan?

A lot like a mortgage

Spread payments out with an amortization of up to 25 years or the time on the Occupancy Agreement to make payments easier. Like a mortgage, you can also apply for a pre-approval.

Competitive interest rates

Borrow with competitive fixed term and fixed rate options to make your finances predictable and affordable.

Flexible borrow limit

A co-op home loan lets you borrow up to 65% of your co-op home’s value.¹

Make it happen.

Here’s what applying for a co-op home loan is like.

Check the co-op type

The co-op must be a company incorporated under the Business Corporations Act. A housing cooperative incorporated under the Cooperative Association Act does not qualify.

Talk to a specialist

As a co-op ourselves, we know the ins and outs like no other. Get advice and all your questions answered.

Provide application documents

To start the application, we’ll collect some documents about your income and the co-op home. If you’re a member, we may already have this information. After that, we’ll put together the application and our lending specialists will handle the rest.

See document checklist

Home valuation

A full appraisal of the unit will be required. We’ll organize this for you. The appraisal cost may vary depending on the size, value and location of the home.

Sign for your loan

When everything is ready, we’ll set up a time for you to visit your nearest branch and submit your signatures. If you’re an existing Vancity member, you can sign virtually without leaving home.

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How is a Co-op Home Loan different?

Typically, when a homebuyer gets financing for their purchase, the property itself is considered collateral for the mortgage. However, as someone buying into co-op housing, you’ll receive a loan in order to purchase shares¹. So, these – and not the actual property – become the collateral.

See mortgages instead

Let’s get started.

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Connect with a co-op loan or mortgage specialist to get tailored advice or to start your application.

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