Planet-Wise™ Home Renovation Loans

Make renovations your climate action.


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Renovating your home in a way that’s more environmentally friendly is a win-win-win-win: you can save money, your home gets upgraded, you help the planet, and we have loans available to help.

This loan is one of the ways we aim to make net-zero banking possible.

What Planet-Wise means for your wallet.

Competitive and preferential rates

Enjoy a low interest rate. Borrow from Vancity Prime +0.5% to +3.0%1 when making qualifying renovations.

Vancity Prime Rate: 6.95%2
As at 2024-06-06

Increase resale value

House hunters know that an energy-efficient home often means smaller bills, and improvements that are designed to last.

Member perks

Exclusive to Vancity members, get a rebate up to $400 for EnerGuide Home Evaluations3 and free tailored home-energy advice from City Green.

Qualifying upgrades and renovations.

When it comes to updates that improve the comfort, efficiency, and affordability of your home, we’ve got you covered. Use Planet-Wise Renovation Loans for:

Energy efficient exteriors

  • Improving insulation
  • Installing new windows and doors
  • Increasing air tightness to reduce drafts

Low carbon heating and cooling

  • Heat pumps for space heating and cooling, and for hot water

Renewable energy

  • Solar panels
  • Geothermal systems

Appliances, power and water

  • Energy management devices like smart home thermostats
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Low-flow showers and toilets
  • For EV charging stations and other vehicles, see our Planet-Wise Transportation Loan

Not sure what your home needs?

Get a complimentary consultation with a City Green energy expert (value $175+).

Can’t find your upgrade on the list? Talk to us.

Planet-Wise borrowing options.

Term loan


Creditline mortgage (HELOC)

Is this for me?

I’ll be purchasing things all, or mostly, at once, and want a scheduled payment plan.

I won’t need all the money at once. I only want to pay interest on what I use, as I use it.

I want to use my home’s equity to borrow at a lower interest rate.

Loan length

Up to 15 years









Depends on what you qualify for.4

Depends on what you qualify for, up to 65% of your home’s equity.5


Vancity Prime2 + 0.75%1

Vancity Prime2 + 3.0%1

Vancity Prime2 + 0.50%1

Insurance available

Make it happen.

Here’s what applying for a Planet-Wise Home Renovation lending is like.

Talk to us

Book an appointment with our lending experts to get advice and have all your questions answered. Let us know what renovations you plan on doing.

Get advice on the three options

Tell us how much you’ll need, when you need it, and we’ll be able to find the best option for you quickly.

Provide application documents

Once your lending expert finds the right solution for you, they’ll put together the application and handle the rest.

See document checklists for:
Term loan or Creditline
Creditline Mortgage (HELOC)

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