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As a values-based credit union, our members are our shareholders. And they have a say in where our profits go. Since 1994, we’ve decided that 30% of our profits every year would go back to our members and the community.

What’s your money doing?

We believe in using our money to make big changes in our communities. Through our grant programs, we support organizations working on impact initiatives that align with our values. Explore our key focus areas and how we're helping create positive and lasting change.

When you join Vancity, you’re required to become a member by purchasing Membership Shares. Member ownership is part of what makes Vancity different from other financial institutions. Along with having a say in how our credit union is run, you get a share of our profits every year too.

Each member, regardless of age, must have at least five (5) Membership Shares (for a total of $5.00). We encourage you to read the Accounts and Services Guide for additional information about your accounts and membership.

What’s my share this year?

Each year, Vancity allocates 30 per cent of its net profits to our Shared Success program. Since 1994, we have allocated over $440 million to our members and communities through the program, including a record $54 million allocation over the last two years.

The funds available depend on our financial performance. Given 2023’s net financial results, there will be no member share dividend in 2024.

The profits of your banking could go to faceless shareholders who you’ll never meet. Or they could go to you and the community you love. You have a choice.

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