Cashable term deposits

Our most flexible term deposit.

Vancity deposits help support

Building sustainable food systems with groups like UBC Farms.

Time Horizon

1 year; with 30 or 90-day lockout


Low risk, guaranteed returnᶲ

Options for

Non-registered accounts, TFSA & FHSA

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This deposit is great for:
Some members like to keep a portion of their emergency fund in this term deposit while keeping the rest in a high-interest savings account. Cashable term deposit usually has a higher interest than a savings account (promotional periods aside) and can be cashed after lockout.

How it works:
Deposit your money for one year with either a 30 or 90-day lockout and earn interest. After the lockout period, you can withdraw money as you need while still receiving interest for the time the money was invested.

Continue to earn interest as long as there’s $500 in the account. You can withdraw from your term deposit over the phone, at a branch or through secured messaging.

Before the lockout period ends, you can withdraw your deposit in full only but you won't earn interest.

The term deposit will automatically renew at maturity unless specified otherwise.

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Earning interest.

Interest is paid at maturity or upon withdrawal.

Lockout period options

Minimum balance

1-year cashable, 30-day lockout


1-year cashable, 90-day lockout (Only available for non-registered accounts)


Deposits are 100% guaranteed by CUDIC
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Our pros with some advice on this term deposit.

How does the cashable term deposit compare?

This is our most flexible term deposit because you can freely withdraw any time after lock-out. If you want to earn a little more and are comfortable with withdrawing every year instead, consider an escalating term deposit. If flexibility is not important to you, consider a non-redeemable term deposit.

What if I want to invest longer?

Mutual funds* introduce risk but could potentially earn more than term deposits if you're investing longer than 5 years. The best portfolios include a mix of investments so you can get potentially higher returns and the access you need. Let's chat! Our professional advice is always free.

How do I withdraw from my term deposit?

To withdraw from a term deposit, please call us, visit a branch or send us a secure message in Online Banking with your request.

Term deposits have different conditions around withdrawing before maturity which will affect the interest you earn.

Non-redeemable term deposits cannot be withdrawn before maturity.

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Members can open non-registered term deposits or add a term deposit to an existing TFSA, RRSP, FHSA, RRIF or RDSP in Account Services.

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