Long-term redeemable term deposits

Low-risk investments to be fearless with.

Vancity deposits help support

Building energy-efficient homes and retrofits.

Time Horizon

1 to 5 years


Low risk, guaranteed return

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Non-registered accounts

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This deposit is great for:
When you’re saving for something a few years away but might need to withdraw early.

How it works:
Redeemable term deposits give you a guaranteed return with the ability to take the money out anytime before maturity. If you withdraw after 30 days but before maturity, you’ll earn a reduced interest rate. If you withdraw within 29 days of opening or renewing the term deposit, you won’t earn interest. When redeeming, you must redeem the whole amount.

The term deposit will automatically renew at maturity unless specified otherwise.

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Earning interest.

With this term deposit, interest is compounded anually and paid at maturity.

Interest type

Minimum balance



Deposits are 100% guaranteed by CUDIC
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Our pros with some advice on this term deposit.

Should I get a redeemable term deposit or a non-redeemable one?

Think about whether you'll need to use the money during the investment period. If you can commit to leaving it untouched, non-redeemable will give you a better rate. If you're unsure, you can also split your investment and put some in each.

What if I want to invest longer?

Mutual funds* introduce risk but could potentially earn more than term deposits if you're investing longer than 5 years. The best portfolios include a mix of investments so you can get potentially higher returns and the access you need. Let's chat! Our professional advice is always free.

How do I withdraw from my term deposit?

To withdraw from a term deposit, please call us, visit a branch or send us a secure message in Online Banking with your request.

Term deposits have different conditions around withdrawing before maturity which will affect the interest you earn.

Non-redeemable term deposits cannot be withdrawn before maturity.

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Members can open non-registered term deposits or add a term deposit to an existing TFSA, RRSP, FHSA, RRIF or RDSP in Account Services.

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