Work to Own worker co-op loan

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Up to $10,000

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The Work to Own Co-op loan helps new members of worker co-operatives contribute their full membership share, so they can participate in the decision-making process and start building equity as soon as possible. 

Why get a Work to Own loan?

Holistic approach

Our approval process considers everything from your past employment, your future co-op job, and your ability to repay the loan.

Buy in completely

Using a loan to become a fully paid member when you join means you can have voting rights, profit sharing, and a say from the start.

Save money

By putting the full amount of your member capital into the hands of the co-op, you’re eliminating the need for payroll reductions or deferred dividend payments.

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To start the process, you'll need confirmation of a membership offer from a worker’s co-op. Once you're ready, apply with a lending specialist or connect to get tailored advice.

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